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September 2022

I created this piece while I was going insane having broken my leg and was forced to be static all summer. I also wanted to show the collective feeling of mental distress which I am noticing amongst young people today in this extremely anxiety inducing world of both mass and social media telling us that the world is on fire but if they buy some crystals and self medicate then they will achieve inner peace.

going insane.jpeg

Four Seasons Fabric

I am using the same vintage fabric to create a series of embroidered hoops in the style of memes. 

In these pieces I like to contrast the slow and tactile process of embroidery to the fast paced digital realm of consuming media.

This piece says "Brush the crumbs off your tits and keep going girl x" and is a phrase I felt was applicable to picking myself back up after any setback.

My next one will say "I'm trying to be positive but there's this bloodthirst rage hatred wrath"


I took these nude photos of my healing body on my fisheye film camera using purple film over the summer. 

I turned them into collages and embellished them turning them into precious objects to reflect my newfound respect and care for my body.


Over the summer I created a meme page on Instagram to collect my research in one place and use it as my own personal digital diary but also showing collective feelings of nihilism amongst my generation, particularly women.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 11.17.00.png

Using the Four Seasons fabric I am in the process of making a banner about the menstrual cycle.

Click title to show research and progress.


I participated in a show called Handle with Care which was curated in collaboration with Sotheby's students.

The show focused on fragility, identity, and the body.

I showed some new pieces which were embroidered photographs as well as my tapestry piece from the MA Final Show. 

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