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Hero Exhibition 2024

Iconic and significant works by six artists at the Great West Gallery. These unique and stylistically varied pieces will be on display. If you are interested in art collecting or in need of something eye-catching for that dead wall space do come by! ✨🦋







Open from 20th April 2024⁠
Wednesday to Friday 11-5pm and by appointment via dm.

Great West Gallery
10 Market Place

Weaving Tapestries Embroidery Workshop


Silian Gallery - 

Over the weekend, we welcomed multi-media artist Coco Wa to the gallery, to lead a small, intimate embroidery workshop within and in response to our ongoing exhibition, Outstretched, with Alexander Haywood.

The workshop focused on abstract pattern making based on the surrounding exhibition, encouraging students to engage and connect with themselves through using the meditative process of embroidery.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the afternoon and we look forward to welcoming you all to the gallery again soon!

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Alexander Haywood’s Outstretched is on view until 30th October 2023.

Photographs taken by David Green -


Uplift and Upcycle Embroidery Workshop

Held as part of the London Design Festival in the Park Royal Design District on the 16/09/2023.


Come along and learn the skill of hand embroidery to uplift and upcycle your wardrobe!

During this 2 hour session, I will teach 8 stitches ranging from beginner to more complex and decorative, and then give the students an opportunity to freestyle on their own items of clothing or patches of vintage fabric provided with the new skills that they have learnt.

The session will be focused on upcycling, so please bring an item of clothing to embellish and breathe new life into.

These give you a chance to not only connect with yourself and learn a new skill, but a chance to reconnect with and elevate your wardrobe. 

Commonland Mag x Coco WA Collaboration

A totebag series by Coco Wa from the Commonland X series.

Each unique bag is inspired by the stories and illustrations of lucid matters from Issue 01 and Coco Wa's practice. 

Each totebag is one of a kind and lovingly handcrafted in the artist's studio.    

Please visit commonland mag's website to purchase !

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